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30 Years of Product Design
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Visitech - Alan Meeks   
30 years of Design and Innovation Worldwide 2019

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Product Design

Visitech has been operating for 30 years this summer and Alan Meeks has over 40 years experience in product design. From simple plastic components to complex mechanically and visually critical products.

Visitech offers
We can help take your ideas from a basic sketch all the way to a manufactured product.
Alan Meeks - Product Design - Mars Drinks

Plastic Mouldings

Successfully developing a component as a plastic moulding, requires not only a clear vision of the needs of the client and the end user, but also an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process and the tooling requirements essential to create a quality assured product.

Visitech has had experience in dealing with many injection moulding companies, both large and small as well as first hand experience of the moulding and tooling process.

We will always work with toolmakers and moulders when developing new and challenging design so that nothing is left to chance.

Material choices are critical to deliver the best performance in the most efficient way... whilst working to a budget.

If you have a specific product need, we can help you through the process of selecting materials, processes and suppliers to provide a solution that works for you.

Alan Meeks - Plastic Moulding expertise

Alan Meeks - Electronics assembly
CAD & Visualisation

Visitech works with SolidWorks to support the creative process. Since the late 1990's we have exclusively used SolidWorks and found it to be a fast and uninhibited design tool that allows us to concentrate on the creative side of design.

SolidWorks, allows us to freely experiment with ideas, without being inhibited by software limitations. It allows us to quickly try out alternative solutions and then deliver realistic concept images to keep communications fluid with clients and end users.

Although our core skills lay in innovation and creative design we also provide a visualisation service where clients ideas can be quickly realised. And of course, these CAD models can be quickly turned into 3D printed prototypes.

Alan Meeks - CAD Visualisation Starwars Stormtrooper