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Visitech - Alan Meeks
30 years of Design and Innovation Worldwide 2019

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Alan Meeks has acquired a wealth of experience across many industries where a fresh approach to design has had dramatic impact on profit. Alan's background stems from the plastics industry serving high volume, cost conscious clients like the automotive industry to the more unpredictable, low volume industries such as specialised leisure goods manufacturers. Over his 40 years experience as a mechanical engineer and designer, he has developed a multitude of design disciplines, working on many types of product in many different industries.

Visitech offers a unique blend of visual and technical skills to provide a grounded approach to design. Whether you need ideas, concepts, visuals, detail design, engineering or a combination of any of these wrapped up with project management, you can be confident that Visitech understands the whole picture. Visitech realises that life isn't always that simple. History, company standards, tight budgets and limitations with manufacturing processes can restrict the options for a new product design. Visitech always try to present concepts that meet all the product requirements but we're not afraid to throw in a few ideas that challenge the rule book.

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Alan Meeks

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Alan Meeks - Visitech

Alan Meeks

Visitech has over 40 years experience in product design, from simple engineered components to complex and visually critical consumer products.

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We can help take your ideas from a basic sketch all the way to a manufactured product.

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