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Visitech - Alan Meeks
30 years of Design and Innovation Worldwide 2019

Industrial Design

As consumers, we all expect our cars to look great... and work perfectly. We find it easy to criticise the driver position, the control layout, the way things move, their shape, the finish... we instinctively know what is "right".

The aesthetics and ergonomics of everything we use, from a pair of scissors to a lawn mower is just as important. It can make all difference to which model we buy and we will pay more for something that looks the part.

But all too often, for manufacturers, this aspect of design is overlooked or ignored because of time or budgets, when it is probably one of the most important steps in the design cycle. A little thought in the early stages of a product design cycle can make all the difference

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Alan Meeks - Visitech

Alan Meeks

Visitech has over 40 years experience in product design, from simple engineered components to complex and visually critical consumer products.

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We can help take your ideas from a basic sketch all the way to a manufactured product.

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Alan Meeks - Visitech Design