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Visitech - Alan Meeks
30 years of Design and Innovation Worldwide 2019

Engineering Design

Mechanical design, from concept to production, plays an essential part in the success of any manufacturing industry. For the small family business and the large international corporation alike, great product designs will set them apart from the competition. Attractive products will almost sell themselves and reliable products that work well will stay around for many years to come.

Why use Visitech as a design resource? not just because we are a fresh pair of eyes with a flair for innovative ideas, but because our experience and attention to detail can provide an invaluable addition to any design and development process.

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Alan Meeks

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Alan Meeks - Visitech

Alan Meeks

Visitech has over 40 years experience in product design, from simple engineered components to complex and visually critical consumer products.

Visitech offers

We can help take your ideas from a basic sketch all the way to a manufactured product.

Alan Meeks - Plastic Moulding expertise

Alan Meeks - Visitech Design