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Visitech & SolidWorks

Visitech's experience with SolidWorks dates back to 1998. Before that we used ME10 / ME30 and then HP SolidDesigner. SolidWorks has proved to be an incredibly powerful engineering tool and adopted by so many other organizations, from OEMs, manufacturing companies, toolmakers and other design companies.

SolidWorks provides us with a reliable platform from which we can develop concepts, in simplistic forms, gain customer confidence with photo-realistic images and then finally develop accurate 3D CAD models that translate easily into 3D printed prototypes and eventually, production tooling.

We have generated very complex surfaces which we have been able to tweak via the parametric modeling tools within SolidWorks, to match our clients exacting requirements.

With access to a vast library of standard components, available to SolidWorks, Visitech has built assembles in fine detail to prove function and aesthetics, check for clashes and explore alternative solutions.

SolidWorks has a comprehensive range of import and export file format that has enabled Visitech to work seamlessly with clients all over the world.

3D and 2D design

We can provide 2D or 3D CAD support but our key service is product design. If you do need CAD support, please give us a call and we will see how we can help.

We can build visual models and prove photo-realistic images to support marketing, documentation and advertising. These images a very useful for internal sales and bring departments together.

We can also provide 3D models for 3D printing where clients only have 2D drawings and we can translate 3D models (or just sketches) in 2D engineering drawings.

Plastic Moulding expertise

electronics assembly

Visualization & Prototypes

SolidWorks, lets us experiment freely with ideas but also allows us to deliver realistic concept images to keep communications fluid between us and our clients. Although our core skills lay in innovation and creative design we also provide a "visualization service" where clients ideas can be quickly realised. And of course, these CAD models can be quickly turned into 3D printed prototypes.

This service can be very useful to non manufacturing services such as Architects, Ad Agencies, PR companies and so on, where either an image of something that doesn't exist yet or even a 3D printed model can add exceptional value to their services.

We have provided a service to the film industry, for example, where our engineering knowledge and skills have add value to solely creative environment.

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