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Product Design

Alan Meeks of Visitech has over 40 years experience in product design. Originally working for a plastic moulding company for nine years and then for an electronics company as a project leader before setting up Visitech Design in 1989.

Visitech has been fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of clients including those from the Automotive, Aerospace and White Goods sectors as well as many small start-up companies and private individuals.

Alan's core skill set revolves around creative and innovative design. From an education in Mechanical Engineering and some hands-on experience in tooling and manufacturing environments, he has developed a solid understanding of what can be achieved with a little imagination, lateral thought and an "anything is possible" attitude.

Visitech (UK) Limited

Visitech offers a range of design and creative services based around mechanical engineering and computer aided design. We have helped clients with no engineering facilities of their own, to develop, test and prove designs before successfully introduce them into production.

We have, by contrast supported architects with engineering solutions, provided private clients with one off designs (such as chandeliers and furniture) and even developed a structure for a flight simulator.

With a comprehensive background in the development process, we can support any part of a products growth, whether it's engineering support through the whole product cycle or just to fill a gap in your resources.

Portfolio - see examples here...

Alan Meeks - Product Design - Masuri Helmet

Concept Study

If you are looking for some help generating new ideas. Visitech can offer a fresh look at an old problem or work with an existing team to help the creative juices flow.

We have frequently worked with engineers, team leaders and even CEOs to develop, what was just a spark of an idea, into a prototype design that they can then take further themselves.

No job is too small and we are always willing look at a challenge that would otherwise seem insurmountable.

If you have a problem that needs a helping hand or a fresh pair of eyes, please get in contact.
or call +44 7595 365026

Alan Meeks - Engineering Design - Scientific equipment


Visitech supports manufacturers with a range of engineering solutions.

We can provide design support for many processes:

We have experience in a range of materials:

We can support other departments:

Alan Meeks - Engineering Design - Laboratory equipment

Alan Meeks  FEA - Stress Analysis